…an angel with an incredible capacity for beer.

As I ponder and edit what I want to write in my next blog, I find this post from ‘Playing In The Light’ pouring a spotlight on my own shadow side.


Somewhere over Kansas


The people that I work with are such gracious people, free with kind words about what I do and how I help the organization. Not long ago one of them paid me a very high compliment, something about me being wise and kind. It was nice to hear, who doesn’t enjoy getting a blessing, especially about who we want to be?

But even as I was enjoying the blessing of a “word fitly spoken” I was thinking “if you only knew”. I try very hard to be real, to be honest, to not depend on a made up persona to carry me along. I try to live an authentic real world faith, flaws and all. However, if I know me, what it looks like and what it is, don’t always coincide. Just ride with me on the daily commute or watch me when something doesn’t work the way…

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